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Product Review: Joola Inside Table Tennis Table

Inside Joola Table TennisMore and more people are starting to love playing table tennis. You can even see a lot of homes and offices having their own tennis table. And for the benefit of those who are looking for the best tennis table to buy, Joola Inside Table Tennis Table is one of your best options. Check this out.

The Product


  • USATT approved
  • Quality and convenience
  • Affordable price
  • Powder-coated steel undercarriage with automatic folding legs and four wheels.
  • With dual safety locking devices
  • Easy storage and playback positions


  • Table Top Thickness – 15mm / 5/8in
  • Weight – 62kg / 137lbs
  • Storage Dimension – 61cmx155cmx163cm / 24inx61inx64in
  • 8 x 4″ polypropylene wheels with ball bearing castings
  • 5″ diameter steel legs

The Reviews

Here are some of the things that other customers can say about the Joola Inside Table Tennis Table:


  • Good quality table. Easy to setup. Low price. Easy to be rolled-away.
  • Love this ping pong table. Very sturdy and attractive. Easy storage as far as tables go. It folds in half and rolls if we need to store away for any reason.
  • I shopped around many different tables online. This one offers a great balance of quality, ease of use, and price. Some other tables have to be assembled, but basically all we had to do was mount the feet/wheels and set up the net. For storage, the table is very sturdy and has good hinges to collapse each side.
  • Itís a very sturdy table, easy to fold up and roll to store and the two halves line up perfectly. No issues whatsoever with the table.
  • It comes almost completely assembled. All you have to do is assemble the wheel brackets. Piece of cake. It very well made, and extremely solid.
  • For the price, I feel like this is a really good table. I’ve definitely played on worse! It’s perfect for play in my basement and I’m glad I bought it.
  • It is easy to setup and fold up. Sturdy table and frame. The net is great and easy to disassemble when folding.


  • The manual doesn’t give sufficient instructions. I had to experiment with the table to fold and unfold it.
  • Its surface scratches easily.
  • Product was heavier than I originally thought.
  • The net is a little difficult to assemble on the table.
  • For professional players, this table might be a little too simple. This table is designed for intermediate players looking for a quality table thatís not too expensive. More experienced players should look at more expensive, higher quality tables.

The Conclusion

It looks like the positive reviews outran the negative ones. This would probably imply that Joola Inside Table Tennis Table is such a good product to buy. You better find a reliable store to purchase the table from, that way, you can be sure that the right product will be delivered to your home. Enjoy table tennis or ping pong even more. Have one at home and let your family experience the fun and excitement of the game!

Review of the Eno Single Nest Hammock

We went to take a close look to ENO’s single nest hammock and after trying it and putting it to the test we have some things to say for this hammock review.

Eno Hammock

The Price

The price for this single nest hammock is pretty much right. It does offer the comfort that you would like to pay $59.99 for. It is actually a rather good investment, we believe, as the hammock does offer what it promises. It is a high quality hammock with durability.

The hammock is easy to set up. All you need is two trees or poles and the traps which, alas, are not included in the set. But ENO sells traps at prices as cheap as $19.95. However if you want to go cheaper, you can find pretty sturdy ones at prices as low as $3.50. The fact that the hammock does not include the traps might be a con for those who would like to have an all-in-one package, but a pro for those who like to set up their own pack.

The Fabric

The fabric is very resistant, although it seems like it could easily deteriorate if you take it outside for too long. The hammock can resists weights of up to 400 pounds without tearing. It seems like it could actually tear a little with much use. We believe it is just a matter of taking good care of it.

The bag to put in your hammock allows for a very good use of space. It is actually very easy to put away and the bag will not use much storage space.

You must be warned that the color you see in pictures online might not be the same you receive if you order online. ENO claims that this happens to completely use every piece of fabric they have.

The Comfort

You can set up the ENO Single Nest Hammock in less than five minutes. Once you have secured it, the comfort offered is actually pretty good. It is guaranteed to make you snooze in very little time and it offers a very good sleep. The space is reasonable considering it is a hammock and not a king-sized bed and it offers versatility in moving.

Good price, good value

This is actually a good investment if you want to relax either at your home or camp. It is very convenient for camping due to the small size and versatile packaging bag. Note, however, that if you start adding up more gears to it (like traps), the volume and weight might increase. Also, consider that if you use it outdoors the most and during camping, the color-wearing process might increase.

Guide To Choosing the Right Foam Roller

vintage record player

Either you do cardio, or exercising for weight-loss, or maybe gymnastics, a foam roller is a great way of targeting major muscles in your body to help them release knots and relax.† A good foam roller will heat up the muscles being triggered providing you with a great self-myofascial release.† If you are a runner, for instance, the best foam rollers for runners will keep your muscles prepared for solid action.

But before you hit the store and start picking foam rollers based on looks there are some important aspects you must consider. These aspects have to do with the level of impact of the type of workout you perform, as well as your age, gender, body size, etc.


It is important for you to clearly know where you stand budget-wise.† This should not really be a problem if you are a beginner since white foam rollers can be found at rather low prices.† This roller, for instance has prices below $15.† If you want a professional foam roller-black foam-you will find them at prices that range at $25-$35.† EVA rollers are becoming pretty popular and provide great benefits for exercising.† They ar firm and warm to touch and you find them at prices of $45 and above.


As expressed before, chose a foam roller also based on how experienced you are.† Half-round rollers could be a good start to enhancing balance and applying some slight physiotherapy.† There are many options in the market if you are experienced though.† For example, the High Density EPE is a rather inexpensive option for working heavy on your muscles or the very popular Grid 2.0 which provides great work but at a rather high price.† Totally worth it if you really want to get the job done.

Life Expectancy

Very good foam rollers will usually last one year before they start to deform.† Remember that these are instruments that use pressure on your muscles.† This pressure is applied by your own body weight.† Some foam rollers will easily deform and might not return to their original shape if you add too much pressure on them.† Consider the quality and life expectancy of a foam roller before you purchase one.†† When a foam roller is deformed, the quality of the job done plummets dramatically and results are hardly seen.

Frequency of use

How frequently will you be using your roller will determine how long it will last.† Of course, quality has to do with it.† Remember that the cheapest ones will usually last less the more you use it and will end up making several bad purchases instead of one very good one.

Everybody should have a foam roller in order to maintain toned muscle and a healthy life.† Acquire one based on what you are aiming for.† If possible, get the advice of a credited trainer before making your choice.

Konjac Sponges From the Users Perspective

If you have never used a product before, it may be difficult to even try and figure out what you should be looking for. Talk to a non-techie type for example, and they may not know why wi-fi is important on a cell phone. We were recently asked about a new product from Japan, the Konjac sponge, and what were the best ones to buy. Well, as this was an unheard of before product, we first needed to figure out what people expected from it.

Review No. 1

On the Positive Side – The konjac sponge helped to clear up adult acne, which was noticed almost immediately when the user woke up with a clean face in the morning rather than an oily one. This was for a more expensive variety, and the user was quick to point out that cheap konjac sponges don’t seem to work as well and actually grew mildew – gross. She also mentioned that it needs to be changed every couple of months or else the spongy material begins to break down.

Review No. 2

On the Negative Side – This user was concerned that the sponge was more hype than truth, and that one could get a clean face with just soap and water. There was a comment to this one though that mentioned that the user did not give it enough time to give the full positive effect.

Review No. 3

On the Positive Side – The word used by this reviewer was “brilliant”, who normally uses a chemical exfoliate. She also had a good suggestion to submerge the sponge in boiling hot water once a week in order to keep it sanitary.

Review No. 4

On the Positive Side – Not five stars, but the konjac sponge first started using more expensive varieties before switching to a cheaper one. The effect was still the same, with the only difference being that the generic one was smaller, which actually helped it to dry faster.

500 kuu konjac stack

Review No. 5

On the Positive Side – So this user was overly excited, but once you get through the exclamation points you find that it was the softness of the sponge that amazed her. That and how something so soft was able to clean the skin so nice. She says it has eliminated all of her facial problems, and that she uses it daily after her normal facial wash.

There was definitely a lot more good being said about the konjac sponge then bad, with the focus being on how smooth the skin felt after its use. Now when we start trying out different brands, we at least know what to look for. You can find more at our favorite natural skin care site,

Product Review: Gamo Whisper Fusion Pro

Popularly known as the “Quiet Gun,” the Gamo Whisper Fusion Pro never disappoints you in the sense that whether you don’t want to scare an elusive game when you are hunting, or you donít want to annoy your neighbors while you are target shooting in your backyard. The noise is kept at a minimal level because it comes with 2 baffling system that reduces noise up to 80%. Besides the noise reduction, there are a lot more to this air rifle, so check out the specifications and features below.

Mechanism Specifications Configuration Specifications
Velocity: 1400 fps with PBA platinumCylinder: 33 mm High power plant

Shot: single


- Break barrel

– Single cocking system with automatic safety system

– Fluted polymer jacketed with whisper fusion technology

Cocking effort: 41 lbs

Trigger: Two stage adjustable SAT (Smooth Action Trigger)

Safety: Manual

Double integrated noise dampening

Front fiber optics and rear sights


Weight: 8 lbsLength: 43 inches

Barrel length: 18î

Ammunition: Any.177 pellets

Caliber: .177

Trigger Pull: 3.74 lbs (adjustable)



Optics Specifications Stock Specifications
Air rifle scope: 3-9 x 40 with adjustable objectiveScope ramp: raised rail

Parallax correction: 50 yard fixed

Field of view

– Under low power:† 6.5 degrees – 34.2 ft.

– Under high power: 2.2 degrees ñ 11.6 ft.

Glass lenses: fully multicoated fog proof

Butt Plate: SWA (Shock Wave Absorber) Recoil pad with up to 74% recoil absorptionCheekpiece: molded on each side for left and right-handed shooters

Rubberized grips: (on stock)

All weather molded synthetic



If you are an avid shooter, power is something that you value the most. The first time we did a test fire, the shot went straight through the target, penetrating deep into it. This is very important, especially when it comes to hunting because more often than not, you don’t get any second chances.


Considering the power of this rifle and the efficiency of the scope, there is no doubt that this can shoot precisely right on a given target. In addition, during our test session, we have proven that regardless of the ammo we are using, the accuracy of this awesome rifle is pretty consistent. Anyone who will be using this air rifle will be a natural shooter.


The Gamo Whisper Fusion is rock solid, not only when it comes to its performance, but its components as well. It is well built and its weight is just perfect – not too light and not too heavy. Every feature is well engineered delivering the high performance to last for years if hunting and shooting. It may cost a little bit more, but to tell you the truth, it is worth every penny. Don’t just listen to what I have to say, check it out for yourself and be ready to be impressed.

How to Choose the Best Essential Oil Diffuser

There is no doubt about the value of essential oils in our lives. The healing, the relaxation and the therapeutic properties of these oils are beyond what you can imagine. And in order for you to get the best effects of essential oils, you need to have the right kind of essential oil diffusers.

Along with the increase use of essential oils, you can also find many available diffusers around, in which is making it hard to choose. Different kinds of essential oil diffusers work differently depending on your needs. In order to help you choose the best diffuser, let’s take a look each and know how they work.

Evaporative Diffuser

This kind of essential oil diffuser is considered as the very basic one. It works in a way that it vaporizes the oil through a fan that blows air to a filter. Because of its simple setup, it diffuses off quickly than any other kind of diffuser. It also normally used in a small area or would work better for personal use only. You can also bring it when travelling.

Ultrasonic Diffuser

essential oilsThis kind of diffuser doesn’t need heat to bring out the best therapeutic effects of essential oils, but it is considered as one of the best. It only uses electronic frequencies, creating vibration in which causing the vaporization of the oils, spreading it through the air. It is even known to vaporize essential oils without destroying their therapeutic properties.

Heat Diffuser

This kind of diffuser is not the best option if you wanted to get the best therapeutic effects of essential oils. Since heat is known to destroy the natural properties of oils, thus using a heat diffuser is not a good idea. However, this kind of diffuser works best to spread the good smell throughout your home. This works if you want to keep them home smells good all the time.

Cold Air Diffuser

This kind of essential oil diffuser is considered as the best one. It uses a blowing air flow, diffusing oils into the air in a much faster rate. Without using heat, it definitely keeps the therapeutic qualities of essential oils one hundred percent. This is your best option if you wanted to get the best out the oils.

The science behind the effectiveness of essential oils seems is still mysterious. The only thing for sure is that, it has been proven to bring healing, relaxation and therapy. However, in order for you to get the most out of these oils, you need to have the right diffuser which will help take out the best benefits out of different essential oils.

What to Consider When Buying Snorkel Gear

Snorkeling FunTravelers to the tropics know how important it is to have the best snorkel gear. There’s just too many underwater flora and fauna in the Pacific that you can enjoy watching if you have this simple yet important gear. If you miss this simple equipment, expect to be frustrated when you’re in the Philippines or Thailand.

Although you have the option to rent, the idea of using a set of diving gear that has been used by somebody else is a bit unsettling to say the least. Having your own is still the best way to go when you want to discover the life underneath the surface of the ocean. So here are some tips in choosing the best snorkel gear:

Fitting the Mask

The mask is your window to the underwater world. Without a decent mask, you can’t expect to see the scenery and expect to enjoy it. It must have a soft rubber skirt that is made of silicone to perfectly fit your face. Inspect the rubber if it’s really soft because it can hurt your face and leave a nasty mark when it’s not. Fit the mask and examine if your eyes are at the center of the lenses. Check if the side of the mask does not extend to the side of your face. If it extends, this will create a gap where water can leak and blur your vision. Check the nose pocket and make sure that it has room enough for your nose. This little space enables you to displace water that gets inside the mask. Make sure that the lenses don’t have any scratches on them because this can disturb your vision.

Choosing the Fins

The fins enable you to navigate the waters like a fish would. Make sure that it fits your feet well or else, you will have huge blisters after a dive. You also need to consider the water condition of the place that you will spend the time diving. For example, shorter fins are ideal for the tropics where there are minimal waves. If you expect to dive in areas where you expect some heavy waves, you can go for split fins or board fins.

Trying the Snorkel

Snorkel GirlThe snorkel is your breathing apparatus and it’s important that it has a soft curve between the mouthpiece and the extension tube. This feature provide flexibility so that you can position the mouthpiece properly. Try the snorkel with the mask to see if they are a perfect fit. You have to remember that you will be using them together and when they don’t go well with each other, you will experience some inconvenience while diving.

Along with the best snorkel, don’t forget to bring with you the best aroma therapy oil just to keep your room smelling nice at night at the tropics. If you keep these in mind, you can be sure that your visit to the eastern part of the globe will be a wonderful experience. So what are you waiting for? Book that ticket and go!

Understanding the Differences in Beard Balm and Beard Oil and How to Choice the One For You

This is a question that I asked myself for years, but never bothered to research until I actually grew out my beard. What are beard balms and beard oils and what do they do for your beard? Now that I understand the difference I am compelled to share the answer with you so that you make the right decision while making your first purchase.

Beard Balm: Beard balm is made using beeswax and cocoa shea butter along with other ingredients found in beard oils. Its function is to condition the hairs of your beard and keep them in place. Since it is a creamy, yet stiff substance, it almost works like a gel in styling a beard and controlling fly away hairs.

Beard Oil: Both beard oil and beard balm are infused with nutrients that are essential for keeping your beard healthy. The difference with beard oil is that it is not a styling agent. So unless your beard lies perfectly on its own, the beard balm is the better choice.

Choosing the Right Balm or Oil

Now that you know the difference between the two, you are ready to choose the product that is right for you. Check review sites and look for the following elements:

Price – of course price is going to be important, but don’t jump on the cheapest brand. When it comes to personal hygiene products you don’t want something cheap that is going to make you look worse.

beardScent- Some brands treat beard balm and oils like an aftershave and infuse it with a manly scent. This may be fine for some guys, but if you typically go out sporting CK1, you don’t want a beard balms whose smell is going to overwhelm the scent of your high end cologne. Read the reviews carefully and look for references to how the product smells after applied.

Vitamin Content – You may need to examine the ingredient lists of products to find out what they contain. You don’t want to invest in a beard care product only to find that your beard doesn’t get any benefit from it. Look for a wide range of nutrients and vitamins that will keep your beard healthy for as long as you have it.

How it Works: This is especially important with beard balm, where its direct purpose is to control your beard and keep it looking carefully groomed at all times. If reviewers are constantly mentioning unruly hair, then the product is not doing what it was designed for.

Men don’t typically take the same kind of interest in face products as women do, but when you are daring enough to sport a beard, you should have the right knowledge to take care of it. Go for the beard balm that meets all of your needs and falls into a price range that you are comfortable with.

What to Look for When Buying a Motorcycle Helmet

If you are new to riding, buying the right helmet is as big of choice as the bike you ride. Unless you have a lot of prior knowledge, it is likely that the helmet was an afterthought instead of being the consideration it deserves. Now that you have realized your mistake, it is time to choose a helmet that is right for you. But what should you look for?

Even seasoned motorcyclists have troubles when choosing the right one. You have to think about the make and model, the size, and the type of helmet you want. And then there are those accessories you may want like a motorcycle helmet with Bluetooth. Before you start to rethink the whole riding a motorcycle thing, here are some tips on what the different features mean to you:

Does it Stay on Your Head?

Everyone has not only a different sized skull, but a different shape. This may mean that a certain style will not stay on your head properly. To check that a helmet is meant for your head, try it on and adjust the chin strap. Now try and take it off. There should be no lifting or rolling the motorcycle helmet off of your head once it has been locked into place.

It is important that you remember that with a motorcycle helmet, one size does not fit all. This is why they make specialized helmets for woman and even motorcycle helmets for kids. Fit is everything and has to be tried out every single time you purchase a new one.

Is it Comfortable?

You are going to be wearing the helmet for a long time, make sure that it is comfortable. This is where reviewing different brands and styles will come in handy. A lot of factors affect comfort in a helmet, including its weight and inside padding. You want the right combination of those without sacrificing your safety.

For comfort, it may come down to the style that you like. Full face helmets offered by Arai motorcycle helmets tend to be more comfortable than others, while still giving the face protection that riders like. Other riders may only feel right with a simple skull cap, which are not recommended for novice riders.


Face shields should meet certain safety levels and are a good accessory if you are planning on off road riding. There should be no distortion of your sight and they should have ventilation to prevent condensation build up.

bluetooth shark helmetBluetooth motorcycle helmets are also something to consider, especially if you are used to being constantly reachable. It is dangerous to drive and talk on a cell phone, it is deadly to do so on a bike. Check reviews for helmets and Bluetooth access that are effective at head protection but still give a clear signal.

This is an important decision to make, and one that you should not make on the fly. When researching motorcycle helmets we found a number of variables that will make a big difference in the way it looks and feels.

What Should You Be Looking for in a Beard Trimmer?

If you are thinking about the standby beard trimmer to give your favorite furry face for Christmas, make sure you know what to look for. This is serious business for the bearded guy, and not just any old product will do. Check the box, look at the features, read a ton of reviews, and make sure it has all of the following before wrapping it up and putting it under the tree.


The size is important on the blade of a beard trimmer. Some guys like a wide blade that trims more at a time, while others prefer the precision that a smaller blade offers. The material of the blade is important too. Stainless steel is imperative. Anything else is not worth wasting your money on.


An ergonomic design for the handle makes trimming the beard more comfortable. This is important if the message you are trying to send is that the beard has gotten out of control. Look for light and comfortable with good padding.


Look for a beard trimmer that has a few settings for speed. This gives your guy the chance for a quick trim or a full shave. If it doesn’t have a speed control, you are limiting the options he has for the way he wants his beard shaped.


The least expensive is not the way to go with a beard trimmer. What you are looking for is value for your money. Check reviews to see what others have to say about the product before you go spending a ton of money on it.


Some beard trimmers will come as a set, with beard balm and other accessories included. A boxed set at Christmas time is always a nice gift to give. If you can’t find one, buy a beard balm and comb to make your own. You could even include a book of beard trimming tips to help him with the shape of his.

It may not seem like such a big deal, but a beard trimmer is to the guy who wants his to always look great. You can help with this by taking the time to learn about the various features and then buying him the one that serves all of his beard trimming needs.

Why Not Clippers?

People who don’t have beards –ladies- have a hard time understanding why clippers don’t do the job. While great for shaving heads, clippers are too wide, and too powerful for beard trimming. Don’t make the mistake here of thinking more is better and getting him clippers, they are likely to never leave the box.

You are going to make your guy smile when he sees the effort you put into finding him the beard trimmer he wants. Find the right beard trimmer and you are going to see a big difference in the way the beard looks.

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