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What to Consider When Buying Snorkel Gear

Snorkeling FunTravelers to the tropics know how important it is to have the best snorkel gear. There’s just too many underwater flora and fauna in the Pacific that you can enjoy watching if you have this simple yet important gear. If you miss this simple equipment, expect to be frustrated when you’re in the Philippines or Thailand.

Although you have the option to rent, the idea of using a set of diving gear that has been used by somebody else is a bit unsettling to say the least. Having your own is still the best way to go when you want to discover the life underneath the surface of the ocean. So here are some tips in choosing the best snorkel gear:

Fitting the Mask

The mask is your window to the underwater world. Without a decent mask, you can’t expect to see the scenery and expect to enjoy it. It must have a soft rubber skirt that is made of silicone to perfectly fit your face. Inspect the rubber if it’s really soft because it can hurt your face and leave a nasty mark when it’s not. Fit the mask and examine if your eyes are at the center of the lenses. Check if the side of the mask does not extend to the side of your face. If it extends, this will create a gap where water can leak and blur your vision. Check the nose pocket and make sure that it has room enough for your nose. This little space enables you to displace water that gets inside the mask. Make sure that the lenses don’t have any scratches on them because this can disturb your vision.

Choosing the Fins

The fins enable you to navigate the waters like a fish would. Make sure that it fits your feet well or else, you will have huge blisters after a dive. You also need to consider the water condition of the place that you will spend the time diving. For example, shorter fins are ideal for the tropics where there are minimal waves. If you expect to dive in areas where you expect some heavy waves, you can go for split fins or board fins.

Trying the Snorkel

Snorkel GirlThe snorkel is your breathing apparatus and it’s important that it has a soft curve between the mouthpiece and the extension tube. This feature provide flexibility so that you can position the mouthpiece properly. Try the snorkel with the mask to see if they are a perfect fit. You have to remember that you will be using them together and when they don’t go well with each other, you will experience some inconvenience while diving.

Along with the best snorkel, don’t forget to bring with you the best aroma therapy oil just to keep your room smelling nice at night at the tropics. If you keep these in mind, you can be sure that your visit to the eastern part of the globe will be a wonderful experience. So what are you waiting for? Book that ticket and go!

Understanding the Differences in Beard Balm and Beard Oil and How to Choice the One For You

This is a question that I asked myself for years, but never bothered to research until I actually grew out my beard. What are beard balms and beard oils and what do they do for your beard? Now that I understand the difference I am compelled to share the answer with you so that you make the right decision while making your first purchase.

Beard Balm: Beard balm is made using beeswax and cocoa shea butter along with other ingredients found in beard oils. Its function is to condition the hairs of your beard and keep them in place. Since it is a creamy, yet stiff substance, it almost works like a gel in styling a beard and controlling fly away hairs.

Beard Oil: Both beard oil and beard balm are infused with nutrients that are essential for keeping your beard healthy. The difference with beard oil is that it is not a styling agent. So unless your beard lies perfectly on its own, the beard balm is the better choice.

Choosing the Right Balm or Oil

Now that you know the difference between the two, you are ready to choose the product that is right for you. Check review sites and look for the following elements:

Price – of course price is going to be important, but don’t jump on the cheapest brand. When it comes to personal hygiene products you don’t want something cheap that is going to make you look worse.

beardScent- Some brands treat beard balm and oils like an aftershave and infuse it with a manly scent. This may be fine for some guys, but if you typically go out sporting CK1, you don’t want a beard balms whose smell is going to overwhelm the scent of your high end cologne. Read the reviews carefully and look for references to how the product smells after applied.

Vitamin Content – You may need to examine the ingredient lists of products to find out what they contain. You don’t want to invest in a beard care product only to find that your beard doesn’t get any benefit from it. Look for a wide range of nutrients and vitamins that will keep your beard healthy for as long as you have it.

How it Works: This is especially important with beard balm, where its direct purpose is to control your beard and keep it looking carefully groomed at all times. If reviewers are constantly mentioning unruly hair, then the product is not doing what it was designed for.

Men don’t typically take the same kind of interest in face products as women do, but when you are daring enough to sport a beard, you should have the right knowledge to take care of it. Go for the beard balm that meets all of your needs and falls into a price range that you are comfortable with.

What to Look for When Buying a Motorcycle Helmet

If you are new to riding, buying the right helmet is as big of choice as the bike you ride. Unless you have a lot of prior knowledge, it is likely that the helmet was an afterthought instead of being the consideration it deserves. Now that you have realized your mistake, it is time to choose a helmet that is right for you. But what should you look for?

Even seasoned motorcyclists have troubles when choosing the right one. You have to think about the make and model, the size, and the type of helmet you want. And then there are those accessories you may want like a motorcycle helmet with Bluetooth. Before you start to rethink the whole riding a motorcycle thing, here are some tips on what the different features mean to you:

Does it Stay on Your Head?

Everyone has not only a different sized skull, but a different shape. This may mean that a certain style will not stay on your head properly. To check that a helmet is meant for your head, try it on and adjust the chin strap. Now try and take it off. There should be no lifting or rolling the motorcycle helmet off of your head once it has been locked into place.

It is important that you remember that with a motorcycle helmet, one size does not fit all. This is why they make specialized helmets for woman and even motorcycle helmets for kids. Fit is everything and has to be tried out every single time you purchase a new one.

Is it Comfortable?

You are going to be wearing the helmet for a long time, make sure that it is comfortable. This is where reviewing different brands and styles will come in handy. A lot of factors affect comfort in a helmet, including its weight and inside padding. You want the right combination of those without sacrificing your safety.

For comfort, it may come down to the style that you like. Full face helmets offered by Arai motorcycle helmets tend to be more comfortable than others, while still giving the face protection that riders like. Other riders may only feel right with a simple skull cap, which are not recommended for novice riders.


Face shields should meet certain safety levels and are a good accessory if you are planning on off road riding. There should be no distortion of your sight and they should have ventilation to prevent condensation build up.

bluetooth shark helmetBluetooth motorcycle helmets are also something to consider, especially if you are used to being constantly reachable. It is dangerous to drive and talk on a cell phone, it is deadly to do so on a bike. Check reviews for helmets and Bluetooth access that are effective at head protection but still give a clear signal.

This is an important decision to make, and one that you should not make on the fly. When researching motorcycle helmets we found a number of variables that will make a big difference in the way it looks and feels.

What Should You Be Looking for in a Beard Trimmer?

If you are thinking about the standby beard trimmer to give your favorite furry face for Christmas, make sure you know what to look for. This is serious business for the bearded guy, and not just any old product will do. Check the box, look at the features, read a ton of reviews, and make sure it has all of the following before wrapping it up and putting it under the tree.


The size is important on the blade of a beard trimmer. Some guys like a wide blade that trims more at a time, while others prefer the precision that a smaller blade offers. The material of the blade is important too. Stainless steel is imperative. Anything else is not worth wasting your money on.


An ergonomic design for the handle makes trimming the beard more comfortable. This is important if the message you are trying to send is that the beard has gotten out of control. Look for light and comfortable with good padding.


Look for a beard trimmer that has a few settings for speed. This gives your guy the chance for a quick trim or a full shave. If it doesn’t have a speed control, you are limiting the options he has for the way he wants his beard shaped.


The least expensive is not the way to go with a beard trimmer. What you are looking for is value for your money. Check reviews to see what others have to say about the product before you go spending a ton of money on it.


Some beard trimmers will come as a set, with beard balm and other accessories included. A boxed set at Christmas time is always a nice gift to give. If you can’t find one, buy a beard balm and comb to make your own. You could even include a book of beard trimming tips to help him with the shape of his.

It may not seem like such a big deal, but a beard trimmer is to the guy who wants his to always look great. You can help with this by taking the time to learn about the various features and then buying him the one that serves all of his beard trimming needs.

Why Not Clippers?

People who don’t have beards –ladies- have a hard time understanding why clippers don’t do the job. While great for shaving heads, clippers are too wide, and too powerful for beard trimming. Don’t make the mistake here of thinking more is better and getting him clippers, they are likely to never leave the box.

You are going to make your guy smile when he sees the effort you put into finding him the beard trimmer he wants. Find the right beard trimmer and you are going to see a big difference in the way the beard looks.

Giving a Fair Review of Body Building Supplements

I am often asked if I try all of the products that I talk about on my site. The truth is that I often have to rely on others opinions as well. This is especially evident when trying out foods or vitamins. Mainly because I can’t realistically try them all without risking getting sick. To combat this with vitamin supplements I have learned a few tricks.

Do Some Research

When looking at supplements that are meant to help a body builder gain muscle recently, I first enlisted the help of someone who is actually a body builder. Since these are important products that not only help people get into shape, but help to build muscle mass, I don’t want to steer someone wrong with my inexperience. My body builder buddy helped me to figure out what is important in a muscle building supplement.

I then do some online research and looked into the common ingredients found to find those that seem to have the best benefit without any side effects. Then I looked for products that had the most amounts of these compounds with a minimal amount of extra fillers. I have seen some of the best somanobolic muscle maximizer reviews and found them to very helpful in this area. This made me focus here to see what type of results a skinny guy like me could see from these types of supplements.

The Skinny Guy Test

Since I wanted to impress the girlfriend anyway, I then embarked on 3 month get fit regime that included losing weight and building muscle. To do this, I joined a gym and changed my diet, keeping careful track of the results.


After the 3 month trial period ended, I added the muscle building supplements. While I had seen some improvement over the first 3, it was incomparable to what happened to my body once I started taking supplements. My muscle growth increased exponentially, impressing even my girlfriend and her friends.

The Verdict?

If you want to get in shape and build some bulk, there are three rules you have to follow:

  1. Change your diet to a healthy one. No more fast food and vending machine chips. Eat lots of protein and veggies instead and make sure to drink a ton of water.
  2. Start an exercise program. Look for a gym that is used to newbies and ask for a personal trainer to guide you. There’s a lot of heavy stuff inside of a gym that can really hurt you if you use it the wrong way.
  3. Use a muscle building supplement. I am living proof that these really do make a difference. All of the flab I had before suddenly disappeared and was replaced with lean toned muscle.

The supplements are not going to make you look like Arnold overnight, hopefully not ever, but you will start to see results quicker. If my girlfriend’s reaction is any indication, you want to start working out sooner rather than later.

Reviewing Amazing New Classes You Can Take Online

Online schools have been around for years now, but the variety of classes you can take just keeps getting better. I did some surfing the other day and found schools that were offering courses in every thing from origami to guitar lessons. And the great thing is most of them allow you to work at your own pace.

If you are considering learning a new hobby or even career, take a look at some of these classes and be sure to read the reviews to see how much students are getting from them:


I wasn’t joking. If this is an art form that has always intrigued you, you can learn the ancient art from home. Just make sure you have plenty of paper on hand to practice with. These are mostly at your own pace types of classes that you can take at your leisure. Something to think about, especially for teachers who need new ways to entertain the kids.

Online Singing Lessons

ferrisI imagine these are big for the boys and girls who dream of getting onto the Voice. Things like Singing Success and Singing Method are exploding in popularity these days.

Everyone has a belted out a tune to a shampoo bottle at some point, now why not try and improve on that talent. Again, you work at your own speed and only advance when you feel comfortable that you are learning how to sing better. With no one around to criticize, you get the full benefit of the singing lesson without any one throwing rotten tomatoes at you.

Find some reviews and more over at

Guitar Lessons

This is actually relevant to just about any musical instrument you can think of. If you can strum it, blow into it or bang it, there is an online class that will show you the right way. Great for kids who have their sights on the High School band or for an adult who wants to be the next Steve Perry. The lessons for these classes are direct and easy to follow with no particular order you must stick to. Think of the most obscure instrument, and you are going to find a class that teaches you how to play it.

Online Driving Classes

I am a bit skeptical on this one and pored over the reviews. There is nothing that emulates what it feels like to actually sit behind the wheel of a car. They may come close, but it isn’t the same. Still, if you have a teenager who is having a time passing their driving exam, this type of class can be a good supplement for the on-real-road practice that they need.

Online Cooking Classes

These are one of my favorites. Learn how to cook Italian, French, Thai, you name it and there is a class for it. The courses are structured very well with detailed lists of the items you will need each time. Some are very simplistic, starting with how to boil water, while others will have you making tiramisu in a week. The only real criticism I could find with the reviews was that some can be pricey ingredient wise. I would imagine so if you sign up for a French cooking class making stuffed truffles.

Close your facebook browser once in a while and find ways to waste time online that can really make a difference in your life. Who knows, maybe your neighbor is a Sony scout and will sign you once he hears how great your singing in the shower has become.

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Oil Diffusers – Getting the Best Out of Your Relaxing Moments

Many people nowadays are getting more and more concerned about their health that they are more interested in taking advantage of tools that will help them live a longer and stress free life. There are various options when it comes to detoxifying your system, however the challenges always have to do with time.

If you find time being a challenge for you to experience peace of mind after a whole day’s work. You can make use of aromatic essences and oil diffusers for a change. Instead of the usual spa and massage parlors that you go to Scentsationoil and learn how you can make use of oil diffusers.

What Are Oil Diffusers?

An oil diffuser is a device that is capable of dispersing the aroma of essential oils such as lavender, chamomile and other aromatic oils that are capable of filling up a room of its natural fragrance. The fragrance diffused from these essential oils is known for its effectiveness in terms of eliminating possible airborne issues such as bacteria, viruses, mildew and anything that can affect the air that we breathe.

Aside from the usual benefits that you are aware of you can easily choose what works for you with the various options you have when it comes to these diffusers. You can either choose to make use of electric diffusers, heat or candle diffusers, fan diffusers and more.

These diffusers may come in different shapes and sizes and you can definitely look for a device that will match the theme of your home or office.

The Benefits

You can get a lot of benefits in using oil diffusers to give a little stress free ambiance to your home or office. Since this device releases the scent to the air in very fine mists, you can definitely cleanse the air while you are sitting on your chair and relaxing.

The air that you breathe is now safe to breathe as these essential oils are found to be safe for the lungs. It can as well lighten up the mood to complete your relaxation session. These diffusers are less time consuming as compared to any traditional form of relaxation available for you to use.

Aside from using diffusers for your own benefit, you can as well give these devices as gifts to friends or officemates as they are made from light and safe materials which make these devices handy. Just imagine being able to have relaxation time wherever you are.

Interesting Exercise Products for Stress Reduction

Xmark Deluxe Power Tower and Heavy Bag Stand 500It’s September already, and although it may be premature call it the “Fall”, let’s face it, it’s pretty much Fall. For most people, this also means a marked increase in stress level. Whether it’s simply dealing with the change in seasons, less daylight, start of classes, etc, it’s always a good idea to have stress reduction strategies in your back pocket.

Exercise is known to reduce stress, increase energy (after recovering from your workout of course), and help fight depression, all on top of the well-known health and fitness benefits. Personally, I have found that exercise does wonders for the mind, body, and soul, but it can often be very difficult to motivate myself to go work out, especially on a rainy Fall day after a long day at work.

The following are a few products or ideas to consider, as they are fitness products that also focus on convenience.

This neon mesh ball is a cool contraption that can give you something to squeeze when feeling ultra stressed, and the playful design can lead to some giggles. It’s super convenient in that you can use it pretty much anywhere and they are generally quite cheap (usually under $20). However, the main drawback is durability. These things don’t last, unless you have the strength of an infant.

Heavy bag stands with added features can definitely be the way to go. They are more on the expensive side, usually over $100 (plus a heavy bag) but you can definitely get your money’s worth. Not only will you have something to hit, which is both a great workout and stress reliever, but being able to incorporate more exercises like pushups in various positions, pull-ups, dips, etc, can really get you closer to a gym-style workout without having to take the time to commute to the gym. Of course, boxing gloves will help, too. This seems to be adding up, but think of the benefits! Plus, like anything else, if you shop around you can definitely make things affordable. For more information on what type of boxing equipment is best for your budget, check out

Yoga mats are a cheaper alternative, but a physical workout is less intuitive. That being said, you don’t need to bring yourself to exhaustion to relieve stress. Purchasing a yoga mat is a great idea for the office or home. Even if you only have 10 minutes a day, rolling out the mat and doing some stretching can go a long way. People typically don’t think of stretching as being a workout, but flexibility is one of the primary components of fitness and can help alleviate issues like low back pain. Focusing on relaxing your muscles and breathing calmly during stretching is also a way to bring you back down to earth and provide balance in your daily life.

At the end of the day, having this on your mind is the first step. As long as you take your time, be realistic about your goals and level of commitment, and budget accordingly, whatever decision you make will be the right one. Don’t forget, there are lots of good things about the Fall and Winter too, so look forward to those!

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5 Great Electric Cars For 2014

Innovation. Science. The environment. Self-Sustainability.

These are a few words that come to mind when thinking of electric cars. Electric cars are the future, there is no denying it. For the moment, they may not be available to the Average Joe, but to those whom can afford it, they offer a savings that is worth it, and a moral sense of well-being. Here are 5 electrics cars of 2014

1. Fiat 500e

Compact. Slick. Incredible sexy. The Fiat just may objectively be the coolest car on this list. With a 108 MPGe Highway rating and a manufacturer’s estimated fuel consumption rate of 29 kilowatt hours per 100 miles, the Fiat 500e is a force to be reckoned with. Plus, this car can seat up to 6 passengers, which is fairly awesome for an electric car. It also features a 24-kWh Lithium-Ion High-Voltage Battery and an Electronic Push-Button shifter, making it novel in the world of cars of the future.

2. Toyota RAV4 EV

For fans of Toyota this is the one for you. The car is entirely Tesla technology – Tesla motor, Tesla electronics – but fit for the Toyota ascetic. Much larger than the Fiat, the RAV4 EV is prime for taking the family on long trips or moving a lot of luggage. Also more family friendly,  is that the vehicle is far safer in the event of an accident. With an EPA-rated driving range of 103 miles and a 41.8 kWh Lithuim-ion battery, the Toyota RAV4 EV makes a strong contestant for potential new buyers.

3. Volkswagen e-Golf

Fans of German engineering tend to stick to their guns, so it’s no surprise to see a Volkswagen product on this list. Giving the Fiat a run for its money on terms of slick and sexy, the e-Golf is going to win points on affordability as well. The e-Golf features a front-mounted electric motor capable of producing 114 horsepower and a 199 lb ft torque as well as a 24.2 kWh lituim-ion battery. The Volkswagen e-Golf claims to reach 62 mph in 10.4 seconds; meeting slick with practicality, and an average amount space, earns VW a comfy spot on this list.

4. Kia Soul EV

Another more affordable model with a loyal following, the Kia Soul EV is a great commuter vehicle with an impressive range. The Soul EV is Kia’s fist contender for the electric car market is sure to be one that will be watched closely. All of the vehicles systems, such as breaking and heating and cooling, are specifically engineered to preserve and replenish the system’s energy. This is a car build to last, and one you won’t be needing to re-charge very often.

5. Scion FR-S

Very sleek and stylish, the Scion FR-S features a sharp handling and high fuel economy. Another modestly priced vehicle, the Scion FR-S benefits form Scion’s reputation for building respectably performing, fun-to-drive personality vehicles. This may be the jack-of-all-trades of the list as far as pricing, space, and practicality is concerned.

Get the right type of shoes, nurses!

As all who are in the profession know all too well, being a nurse requires you to be on your feet all the time.  You are rushing up and down the halls, tending to patients.  You are on the go constantly, moving from room to room as quickly as you can, with little or no time to sit or relax.  You put on a lot of miles in your hospital, and it’s important to have footwear that can support this lifestyle.  Every day is a marathon for you, and, like marathon runners, you ought to have the proper equipment.  Here are some recommendations for shoes that will give you the comfort and support you deserve in your highly demanding job.  Foot care may not take the stress out of what you do, but it will at least take some of the pain out of the equation.  Also, make sure to elevate your feet when you get home.

1. Crocs

Though they may not be the most stylish choice, Crocs can provide all-day comfort for a low price.  They come in a number of fun colors that can brighten up your scrubs, and have good arch support.  The holes on the tops and sides and open-heel design allow your feet to breathe.  This aeration prevents your feet from becoming uncomfortably sweaty and smelly.  In addition, they are extremely easy to clean.  If you get any sort of mess on them during the day, you can immerse them in water and give them a good scrub.  Or, you can just use a Clorox wipe to give the a surface-level cleaning.  For someone who works in an extremely germ-rich environment every day, this can become an extremely attractive quality for footwear.  Just make sure to replace them after six months or so, if you’re wearing them daily.  They will eventually begin to lose their sponginess.

2. Nike Pegasus

For those of you who prefer a sneaker, the Pegasus provides some truly excellent support.  The sole design propels you through your steps, giving you an extra bounce and some needed forward momentum.  The mesh on the toes allows for easy breathing, and they are very light-weight. These babies won’t weigh your feet down – you’ll feel like you’re striding along clouds.  Well, maybe not clouds, but they’ll make the hard floors feel far more pleasant underfoot.  They also come with some very cute purple laces for women, and a smart black design for men.

3. Keds

Cute, classic, and comfortable, these are always a good choice.  They come in a number of colors, including some exciting neon greens and pinks these days.  It’s a good way to express yourself and also watch out for your feet.  They also come out from a spin in the washer no worse for the wear.

4. Orthofeet Women’s Naples Fisherman Sandals

A more expensive choice, but worth the money.  They combine the protection of sneakers with the breathability of sandals, and have unpatrolled arch support for those of you who have trouble in that region.  These will keep you springing around the hospital all day.

5. Alods

These shoes put comfort first, but are also fashionable.  They come in a number of designs, and I’ve heard good things about each one.  Cute but sensible, these shoes will keep you going and make you proud of your feet.

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